Monkey's story
So...have you ever heard a monkey purr? No, you say? Well, listen to this: All you have to do is pet Monkey, a darling and adorable 25-week old, 3.9 pound (as of 2/22) kitten, and you'll hear his little motor run non-stop! Scratch him under his chin while you're at it, and this guy will just melt in your arms.
This furry fella is playful, loving and sweet, and enjoys a dangly toy to play with and swat at, although his favorite activity is probably hanging out with an affectionate human with whom he can cozy up to and snuggle.
Monkey, fully litter-box trained, is a chill dude who also quiet and low on drama. Pretty good traits, huh? So far, he appears to shy away from other cats and dogs, but once this people-oriented kitty turns that purring machine of his on and warms up his engine, he'll no doubt be the cuddliest, softest, most gentle feline friend you could ever imagine having. He just needs a chance to show you how awesome he can be.
If you would like to give this wonderful kitten a home, please email or visit for an application.

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